Kayak Fishing

Unleash Your Inner Survivalist

Kayak Fishing

Unleash Your Inner Survivalist

Kayak Fishing – Unleash Your Inner Survivalist

Who hasn’t watched Bear Grylls take on the natural world without wanting to shuck the constraints of modern life and prove that you could also survive in the wilderness. That in the war of Man Vs Nature, and Nature better watch it’s back! While bare knuckle fighting with a bear or regularly drinking urine are not exactly advisable, there is a hobby that really separates the men (and women) from the boys. Indulge the hunter-gatherer primal instincts you were born with by engaging in a sport that dates back millennia, and proves your worth as a provider in the natural world. That sport, my friends, is kayak fishing.

kayak fishing

Fishing from a kayak confirms your place on the food chain. You’re not going to get any sort of buzz by wandering into the local fishmonger- let your inner survivalist feast on adrenaline by taking to the seas, or oceans, or even rivers, in a vessel that barely separates you from the depths. Embrace the high that comes only from the contest between man and beast. Would a gladiator go to the local butcher? Probably not, but he would get eye to eye with their dinner and let battle commence. While doing that may land you in a spot of bother with farmers or pet owners today, the era of technology has made it difficult to really feel rough and wild and connected to the world around us. So why not use kayak fishing as a way to explore all of those primitive instincts that have been tamed over generations, while still preserving your modern morals and inclinations.


Get out there

Unleash the inner caveman on an ocean expedition chasing down sea-dwelling creatures you can catch, kill, and cook. By using a kayak, a vessel first used four thousand years ago you can connect to your inner caveman, while still placating your modern morals by knowing that kayak fishing is environmentally friendly and totally healthy.


Don’t sit on a motorboat like a pampered prince, be tossed around in the waves, close to your fishy targets and use physical strength to chase and catch the fish. While hunting seals with nothing but a spear may be a little extreme, kayak fishing on open water is one of the most exciting experiences any angler can have. This is the pimped up radical version of fishing, and is most certainly not for the faint-hearted! However it doesn’t necessarily break the bank, as kayaks can be so affordable, with great models available for little money, and even inflatable options being available.


Don’t be that Guy

Everyone has that friend who is king of the gadgets. The guy who doesn’t want to grow a beard, drink whiskey and head to the seas to catch enormous fish, without enhancing their game with a little bit of technology. For the techno geeks who are in no rush to explore the Neanderthal lurking within them, there are kayaks James Bond would be proud of available now too – think electronic fish finders, anchor trolleys and more. The bragging rights that come with kayak fishing are immense and need no for embellishment. Not only are you on open water, using instinct and precision to catch fish, you’re also going for pretty impressive, prized targets.


Gamefish like snook, halibut or red drum can be caught while kayak fishing, as can pelagic fish-notoriously gnarly to take down and bring home. Expect tales of heroism in the bar after the catch – because how many people have the chance to wrestle a tuna, king mackerel, or marlin, and return (with the fish) to tell the tale. All I can say is this after trying kayak fishing, you’ll struggle to find as an exciting or affordable sport again. Use the kayak to be at one with the water and all of its inhabitants, put yourself on level with the target and confirm your place at the top of the food chain by winning the battle with the beasts, even while in their territory.


Last updated: January 12, 2017


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