Feel Free Moken 12.5


  • Length: 12.8′  /  385 cm
  • Width: 32″  /  82 cm
  • Weight: 72 lbs  /  30 kg
  • Max Capacity: 419 lbs  /  190 kg
Feel Free Moken 12.5 Review

The Feel Free Moken 12.5 is just full of features that any angler can appreciate, whilst still maintaining space and accessibility necessary for all successful fishing expeditions. At $899 this is an excellent value kayak, available in a variety of colours, and celebrated amongst users as being a great kayak, for some serious fishing.


It’s achieved the perfect balance between stability and speed, which makes it one of the best standing kayaks. You can even add the Feel Free Stand Up Assist Bar. And with all this, it still doesn’t sacrifice any ability in being able to glide over bigger waves or perform in rougher weather. Feel Free have utilised an innovate new Uni track system on this model for customization, as well as an Easy Seal hatch. Pretty much this means that even in poor conditions, you’ll be able to stay as dry as possible, you’re gear will be protected, and most importantly you’ll be in complete control of your kayak.


Feel Free Moken 12.5


And while stability and speed are great for every kayak, there are some features that are specific for sea fishing. At 72 lbs, with a maximum weight capacity of 419 lbs, this thing is easy to transport and can hold plenty of fish, and plenty of fisherman.


While having a large capacity is all well and good, enough storage space is also essential. Multiple hatches are accessible throughout the kayak, in the front and rear, as well as hinge and turn hatches to keep your gear safe and dry. The side pockets are incredibly handy, as are the fishing rod holders, and the standing pad and leash provide extra safety and security when you want to stretch your legs and fish on your feet.


Not designed just for standing

There’s no obligation to fish on your feet though, as the King Fisher seat is sure to keep your comfortable, even if you spend a couple of hour at a time on the water. The wheel in the keel means transport is easier than ever, and the drain plug lessens the work for you, so you can just chill out on the water and concentrate on bringing something big home for dinner.


Anyone looking for a reasonably priced kayak, to see them through all kinds of water, that’s light, with generous weight capacity and loads of features built in, need look no further. While the Feel Free Moken 12.5 is kitted out with handy equipment, it’s not full of technological gadgets, and there is no obvious place for a transducer or fish finder.


  • Big and very stable
  • Quick and easy tracking
  • Lot’s of storage and high capacity
  • Not equipped with fancy gadgets
  • Can handle coastal water, but won’t go at high speeds


For earthy people who want to connect with nature and take a break from the modern world and just fish, this might be ideal. But if you’re somebody who likes their gizmos while fishing, you may need to carry out some engineering to get everything fitted. While it is possible, it is some extra effort and DIY. If any of that sounds like you, then don’t hesitate, it really is great value and quality!



Last updated: October 12, 2016



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