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Ocean Kayak Caper Angler


  • Length: 11′  /  340 cm
  • Width: 31″  /  78.7 cm
  • Seat Width: 19.5″  /  49.5 cm
  • Leg Lenght: 51″  /  129.5 cm
  • Weight: 47 lbs  /  21.3 kg
  • Max Capacity: 325 lbs  /  147.4 kg
Ocean Kayak Caper Angler Review

The Ocean Kayak Caper Angler is one of the quiet kings of the kayak world – it’s not flashy and it’s not decked out or jacked up. But it’s just unassumingly got absolutely everything you need for a great kayaking experience. At $699 you’d be right in assuming that this is a high quality kayak. It comes with a bunch of useful features, but it’s just not rich in accessories or extras like more expensive models are. It’s a timeless classic, really,… an affordable option that will last a long time. It’s reliable and sturdy, with a design that shows its value is placed strength, stability, and comfort.


Ocean Kayak Caper


It is a compact little kayak, and with that comes agility and remarkable manoeuvrability, that performs well on all water. It’s not just for recreational users either, as the comfortable molded-in seat and high seat back ensure you can stay on the water for hours and hours without feeling any discomfort or aches and pains associated with long periods in a tiny boat. It’s also fairly high, which should help in keeping you dry.


A comfy seat is essential to any good kayak, as are mounted carrying handles, skid plates, and moulded in cup holders – all of which are present and accounted for on the Caper Angler. It’s also very light, at 47 lbs, so can easily be transported to and from the car to the lake, the coast or anywhere you fancy. However, fishing kayaks normally need a couple of extra features to be considered a decent kayak.


Compact… but surprisingly a lot of storage space

First is storage, the second is capacity, and third is deck space.  There is two main storage point with this kayak, which is great. There’s a click and seal hatch in the bow, which is ideal for storing gear or equipment that needs to be kept dry. This is a huge space and can fit in anything you’d like to keep there. Then there’s the massive rear tank well with bungees, that’s the perfect spot to store anything you catch for dinner. In terms of capacity, the kayak can hold up to 325 pounds, and so should be able to hold more than enough to meet your needs. And there is plenty of space to move around and wrestle with whatever sea monsters you’re hoping to find. It comes with the essential paddle keepers, which means you can go hands free, to focus on your fishing, plus the seat is molded, so doesn’t take up any additional space on top of the kayak. You’re free to move around the yak, and all areas are accessible.


Plus, another important factor with any fishing kayak is rod holders, and this comes more than well equipped, with four deck mounts and two flush mounted rod holders.


  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • Good storage space
  • Great position of rod holders
  • This is compact, however may feel too small for some bigger guys.


This durable kayak will keep you steady on the water, and give you all the room you need to reel in some pretty big fish. So if an affordable, reliable sea kayak is what you’re looking for, go with the Ocean Kayak Caper Angler.



Last updated: October 18, 2016



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