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Pelican Strike 100X Angler 



  • Length: 10’  /  305 cm
  • Width: 30.5’’  /  77 CM
  • Weight: 53 lbs.  /  24 kg
  • Deck Height: 16’’  /  40.5 cm
  • Max Capacity: 325 lbs.  /  147 kg
Pelican Strike 100X Angler Review

In the market for a new kayak, but not looking to break the bank? An offering from the budget-friendly Pelican Sport that is well worth considering when looking for a new fishing kayak is the Pelican Strike 100X Angler. This kayak has clean lines and is sleek and simple – but don’t be fooled by the simplicity! While Pelican is well known as being affordable, in no way are you missing out on anything by choosing the Strike as your floating companion of choice. The guys at Pelican have actually mastered the delicate balancing act of space and features. While still keeping a kayak full of bells and whistles – figuratively, bells would frighten the fish – can seem appealing, the truth is that a bunch of fancy equipment can actually take away from the space you need to catch and keep fish. Which is surely the point, right?


The general features you’d expect to find with a Sit on Top kayak are included, like a drain plug, carrying handles, and a bottle holder. However, there is more than that. The facts of the matter are this my fishing friends: this is a hard shell, sit on top kayak, built for speed, stability, and manoeuvrability. If you’re planning on mainly fishing in wind speeds of 10mph or less, on slow moving rivers or still water lakes, then literally look no further – you’re sorted. Just picture it -the clean lines of the vessel gliding over the water while the most difficult decision you need to make is which of the three rod holders (with a variety of grips) you’re going to use, or whether your foot rest or ergonomic band seating system needs adjusting. Sit back, relaxing as you’ve used the paddle tie-down, with plenty of space to reel in a larger catch, and a roomy storage platform with bungee to hold whatever you catch, as well as a dry hatch with storage bag.


The hull has an improved performance compared to previous pelican models, and the premium RAM-X material its made with is durable and ensures this will be a long lasting kayak. Although the Pelican Strike is lightweight – around 53lbs, and you might picture it floating gently, let’s not forget that this will need to survive being dragged to and from your car and to the lake, so will have to be tough enough to pass over rocks and stones without sustaining any damage. The flat bottom base is not only stable but also tracks straight and turns easily.

Pelican Strike 100X Angler review

Summing up the PROS: it’s affordable, straight tracking, has thee swivel rod holders, a mix of grips, agile, stable, light, and comes with plenty of storage. The CONS: there’s no proper cup holder, this is not built for rough weather, sea fishing, or even really windy fishing – not the kayak to battle the elements with, so if you’re planning on heading into rough seas, whatever the weather, I’d suggest you keep looking!

Pelican Strike 100X Angler review


Last updated: October 7, 2016



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