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Perception Pescador 12 Pro 

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Perception Kayak Pescador Pro
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  • Length: 12′  /  366 cm
  • Width: 28″  /  71 cm
  • Weight: 60 lbs.  /  27 kg
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.  /  159 kg

Perception Pescador Pro 12 Review

When you think of Perception you might think of beginner friendly kayaks, used to have a jolly good time on the water. Well, hold onto your hats, cause the Perception Pescador 12 Pro is actually a serious fishing kayak, with a performance driven design focused on real fishing.


For a mid-price range kayak, you’re going to have your socks blown off by the amount of high end and useful features this baby comes with. Ok, so there’s the standard-issue specs that you’d expect to come with most sit on top hard shell kayaks – like soft carry handles and a lightweight, but still impact and abrasion resistant frame. While you’d expect a rod holder, with the Perception Pescador 12 Pro, it’s moulded to the kayak itself, as is the cup holder. The whole thing in fact, is a seamless one piece construction, which provides stability, strength, speed and straight tracking to all those who choose to board the Pescador with a rod in their hand.


Comfort is Important…

The seat itself is also worth talking about – as everyone knows it’s pretty difficult to spend all day in a kayak comfortably. However, this seat is stadium style, and can go from upright to recline while you’re still enjoying some motion on the ocean. The higher set can also be removed, and the lower base can also be used. Angling enthusiasts everywhere are surprised and thrilled at how comfy this seat actually is.


Now, before I go into the gadgets and gizmos that come with the Perception Pescador 12, it needs to be made clear that they don’t hinder storage space. Nothing worse than taking a bunch of fish finding equipment and then not having anywhere to store the fish you’ve caught, right? There’s front and a rear tank well, that are easily accessible, as well as a recessed tackle box storage and accessory track recesses. And while plenty of kayaks advertise a dry well, this one really does remain dry as a bone, with no water leaking in. It’s totally usable in choppy water and windy weather, so there’ no limiting your water-based wanderlust for tranquil weather.


In terms of gadgets, there’s a center console that can be rigged up to electronic fish finding equipment – this sacrifices no space, and needs no extra add-ons apart from the fish finding equipment itself. This is a very light model for its size and quality, and while parts of the frame are thicker than others, this is restricted to where extra strength is needed so you’re not carrying around any extra weight.

Perception pescador 12 pro review

There are SO many PROS for this kayak – the features, the storage, the weight, the pretty colours it comes in (don’t act like you don’t have favourite) that the only CON people are able to come up with – and it is a struggle to think of one  – is that  the plugs for the fishing poles were hard to get out. Seriously, that’s it.


Whatever level of experience you have, you will not find better value for money than the Perception Pescador 12 Pro.


Perception Pescador 12 Pro

Last updated: January 12, 2017



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Perception Pescador 12 Pro
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